Staff Picks Best Music Apps for PC

When it comes to music services, PC users have plenty of choices

Stream millions of songs on your PC

The best music subscription service on Windows, with a slick desktop client. Spotify now has one of the most comprehensive song catalogue. You can stream tracks from the Web, sync you own music from iTunes or any folder (to access them on mobile or other PC), create and share playlists with your Facebook friends, listen to auto-generated radio by genre, and more.

HTML5 music streaming

This web app provides lots of free song to stream online and radio stations. You can connect with artists and friends.

Desktop app for Grooveshark

An nice interface for Grooveshark on your PC.

Discover new artists every day

Soundcloud aims at becoming the Youtube of the sound, by bringing music creators and listeners on an open platform. Follow your favorite DJs and musicians, likes and download their sounds, comments on them as they play.

Unofficial PC client for Soundcloud

This Windows app allows you to play any Soundcloud track on your PC and to connect to your account. No need to keep your browser active when you simply want to hear a tune.