Staff Picks Best Movie Apps for PC

If you're a film junkie, this list of apps to watch movie online and manage your video collection will be of great interest.

Best webapp for movie trailers

Cinemur is similar to Apple's Movie Trailer website, but it has been designed for the Web: it plays trailer from Youtube, Dailymotion or any other streaming site, and lets you share movies to friends via Facebook or Twitter.

Powerful movie manager

Import metadata to your video collection, from expert websites and databases like IMDb.

Always working video player

The most popular video player today, you'll never have to download a codec or any package to play your video. It's free (not proprietary) and it can play any video format.

Media Center by excellence

Pick this app if you ever need a media center on your PC. It lets you browse and organize you films and your music albums from your PC and connected TV, and it supports most of the video formats and codecs.