Staff Picks Best Maps Apps for PC

Maps apps are some of the most popular applications that enhances your lifestyle by providing with contemporary facilities. For example, you are visiting a new place, you have the address but do not know how to reach there. The GPS tracker of Google Maps will detect your actual physical location and direct you to find your destination.

There are number of map applications available on Allmyapps, which go beyond identifying locations and directing towards certain destination: many map applications can provide you with information about a specific neighbourhood, like which restaurants, banquets, schools, hospitals and other important spots are located in that particular region. Apart from detecting the demographics and characteristics of a land, the map applications can be developed for sensus and collecting other important data about that area.

Reading this article will help you to get a brief idea about different map applications that can be downloaded for free from AllMyApps. Here is a sort account on the apps.

PC maps app to navigate everywhere, for driving, walking, and biking.

This unique map app is very useful for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, biking, motor-cycling or driving in unusual routes. The software helps to view maps and plan the trip through finding best routes and marking the landmarks on the way. You can access the application through your computer and then transfer it to your device. Garmin Basecamp allows you perform different functionalities, like downloading satellite imagery, transfer data to and from GPS devices, view map data in 2D and 3D amd many more.

Download the most popular maps app with location tracking

This is probably the most popular map application among millions of users across the globe. Use of Google Maps is preferred as it can be accessed both from smartphones and PCs. The GPS Tracker detects your actual physical location in real-time and updates your position with respect to a moving Google Map.

If you do not have a GPS device, you can still use this program by using GpsGate. This is a GPS stimulator, which you can use for fourteen days free trial. Later you can purchase a GPS device, and connect it to internet via your computer. The whole set-up is a combination of PC, GPRS modem and a sim-card.

Free 3D Maps and satelitte view for the world

This amazing application of Google offers three dimensional view of earth in so much detail that you can zoom in to your street address and even can view your home. This is a wonder software that allows you to explore every location of earth through satellite imagery. Google Earth, originally known as Earth Viewer 3D is a free product. You can virtually fly around the globe to get the 3D view of every building, monument, museum, bridges, towers and many more. If you are done with Earth’s view, step into Moon with Google Earth to see the 360 degree view and 3D model of landed spacecraft, footprints of the astronauts, Apollo missions and others.

Fast and lightweight virtual globe

Just like Google Earth, Marble is an app with a virtual globe from which it is possible to explore our planet and find detailed information on the places you want to see. Marble offers you a display with eleven different types of view, ten for Earth (Atlas, OpenStreetMap, satellite view, night view, historical maps, weather ...) and one for the Moon!

Indeed, Marble also allows you to discover our satellite based on data from the Clementine Moon mission. In addition to the discovery and exploration aspect, Marble can be very useful when researching an itinerary. Just enter the address you are starting from and where you want to go and click on the button "Get Directions" to get directions and their map (with mileage and a list of routes to take that can be easily downloaded). Marble can refine the search by specifying the itinerary profile. This profile corresponds to a scenario of specific travel means (car, bicycle, on foot) associated with numerous itinerary services (Gosmore, MapQuest, OpenRouteService ...). It is possible to create as many profiles as you want and save them for later use.

For sure Marble is not quite as sophisticated as Google Earth, but this software is primarily designed to be fast, lightweight and able to run on any type of platform while using freely redistributable data.