Staff Picks Save and Manage Your Passwords

Do you need to maintain several online user accounts for professional or personal purpose? Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to remember all the passwords of these accounts? To help you solve this problem, there are lots of new applications available that can hep you save and manage your passwords.

Powerful Password and Identity Manager

Managing multiple passwords and identities can be done very quickly with 1Password. This full-featured password manager can provide you with a convenient experience in a secure manner, wherever you are. It creates unique and strong passwords for you, stores them directly in the browser and restores them when required. Not only can it store passwords, but also details of your credit card and fill registration forms on your behalf with recorded data. This incredible multifunction tool is available on a 30 days free trial initially. After which, you will have to buy a license to make it usable again without restrictions. This app is compatible with not only desktop clients, but also with Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and Palm devices.

Secure Your Personal Data Online for All Transactions

With the proliferation of web sites requiring a password to connect, using a password manager has become indispensable. There are many solutions available but Dashlane is definitely one of the best choice. Dashlane keeps track of your passwords and automatically logged you on every website you choose to keep in your passwords dashboard. Dashlane provides also a great job by telling you the security level of your passwords. Weak or reused password? No problem, Dashlane warns you and allows you to replace it immediately. It can even generate a password for you if needed. Dashlane is also capable of filling all kind of web site forms with your name, address, email, phone number or credit card information. Unlike some of its rivals, Dashlane is very user friendly and manage very well all your different email addresses without having to create profiles associate to personal information. Dashlane is free but since version 2.0 you will have to pay an annual fee if you want to synchronize ypu passwords between several devices (it is still free for one device).

Password Managing Made Easier

Web browsing is made simpler and more secure with LastPass. This app is not only an online password manager, but also a form filler, which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera. LastPass centralizes all your passwords and accounts in one easy-to-use "vault", where you can edit, delete, and organize your recorded data. LastPass syncs automatically, so you're up-to-date, wherever you are. LastPass is also able to alert you when it find weak or duplicate passwords (“Security Check” tool). LastPass is free and you can install it on all your computers. However if you also want to use it with your smartphone or tablet you will have to upgrade to LastPass Premium ($12/year) and you will unlock at the same time access to a host of additional features that will extend and improve your use of LastPass.

Database for All Your Passwords

This free open source password manager allows you to store all your passwords in a single database. This database is then locked with one key file or master key. So all you have to do is to keep in mind only one master password or access the key file to unlock the entire database. With the help of one of these 2 most secure encryption algorithms (Twofish and AES), the database is coded. Keep in mind that KeePass does not automatically capture secure credentials like others password managers. You need to enter them manually in your database or you can import them from over 30 other password managers. KeePass has a lot of useful features and options which give you a real control on how to secure your passwords, still you will need to spend some time on it to understand and configure all these settings.

Unique Solution for Syncing PC to Phone

Secure your private information with the help of SafeWallet, which uses the most effective encryption with AES 256 bit encryption. All your personal information are encrypted locally using your own master password. No one can access your personal data without it and you are the only one who knows it. This app is easy to use and stores various personal data such as passwords, credit cards and bank account details, and many more. It is compatible with Android, iPod Touch, Symbian S60, BlackBerry and iPhone, allowing synchronization between your phone and PC. So you can carry your data wherever you go in a secure manner. SafeWallet comes with a free cloud syncing service as well. Moreover, you can rest assured that the pin code for your credit cards is safe, if you store the information on SafeWallet. This ensures no one can use your credit cards, even if your bag is stolen or lost.