Staff Picks Android Apps on PC

Did you know you access your Android apps and files directly from your PC and even run Android Apps on Windows without a smartphone at hand?

We have million of reasons to prefer the keyboard, screen, hardware and bandwidth of our computer. So here are some desktop apps that bring your Android applications on your home devices and some use cases for each of them.

Bluestack for Android on windows

Bluestacks is the best - and only ? - way to actually run Android apps on Windows. Bluestacks App Player lets you use apps and play Android games at full-speed and on full-screen thanks to the Android-Windows emulator. It comes preloaded with 25 Android apps, such as Bloomberg News, Words With Friends and Drag Racing. Note that it might be a little heavy for netbooks and old laptops, but it might still be better than a basic Android phone.

Download Kies for Samsung

Samsung Kies is the official desktop app for Samsung devices: Galaxy S3, S2 or any other Android phones from the Korean company. Kies allows you to update the operating system of the phone (aka Android OS) and to import, backup and organize all your phone content from Windows.

Access your Android on the Web with Airdroid 2

If you prefer access your Android apps and files without installing anything on your computer, we recommend the excellent AirDroid app. Airdroid is a innovative app for Android that let's you connect to your phone from your desktop Web browser. You need to install the mobile app first, which will generate a short code to submit on so you can browse and manage every byte of your mobile (contacts, pictures, documents and even text messages) from the comfort of your home computer. You can even access your Android phone clipboard, so you can quickly jump from your smartphone to your PC to finish an email or play a video on a larger display.

Play Android games and apps on Windows

This free applications lets you play any Android games on your Windows machine, without the limitation of a virtual simulator. The results are pretty good, since you can enjoy the full performance of your PC to play 3D games from Android, but also open any app in full screen.