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1Password Dashlane LastPass KeePass Save and Manage Your Passwords Do you need to maintain several online user accounts for professional or personal purpose? Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to remember all the passwords of these accounts? To help you solve this problem, there are lots of new applicatio... View apps Garmin Basecamp Google Maps with GPS Tracker Google Earth Marble Best Maps Apps for PC Maps apps are some of the most popular applications that enhances your lifestyle by providing with contemporary facilities. For example, you are visiting a new place, you have the address but do not know how to reach there. The GPS tracker of Google ... View apps Start Menu Reviver Pokki Windows 8 Start Menu StartW8 Classic Shell Windows 8 – Get your start menu back Even if Windows 7 continues to have the lion's share of the market with nearly 50% of users, Windows 8 (combined with Windows 8.1) has just passed the 10% mark in January 2014. So as more and more users adopt the new Microsoft OS, they must deal with... View apps BIPS Electrum Bitcoin Armory MultiBit Apps for bitcoin wallet, mining and exchange Bitcoin is a virtual electronic payment system and more precisely a "crypto-payment" whose implementation is based on cryptography and a decentralized organization based on a peer to peer model (P2P). That's the official definition as can be read mor... View apps Contra Game Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever Pacman 2005 Street Fighter 3 Best Retro Games “They don't make them like they used to” – Whilst fancy graphics and elaborate plots may be taking over the world of gaming nothing can beat the fun entailed with retro games. View apps Send to Kindle Auto Kindle eBook Converter Kindle for PC BookLending Kindle Ebooks – Bring your own library everywhere with you Christmas is coming and you may have decided to buy a Kindle reader to relieve some of your "traditional" library that seriously begins to encroach on your living space. You should consider the fact that the lowest priced Kindle is getting cheaper al... View apps PeerBlock Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Free AdwCleaner Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader Secure your PC As soon as you connect to the Net, your PC can be found exposed to a multitude of threats. Viruses, malware ( Adware , Spyware , Worms, Rootkits , Trojans, Bots ... ), spam, identity theft, toolbar, the list grows a little more each day. To cope with... View apps Free VPN The Free VPN CyberGhost VPN Hideman VPN Best VPN software Prism, Edward Snowden, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI ), NSA, and Co., we now know that our dear computers have no more secrets for Big Brother. So are we completely helpless? There is no magic solution, but the surest way to stop these massive tapping ... View apps UltraVNC EchoVNC Remote Desktop Manager TightVNC Best Desktop Sharing Software Virtual Networking Computing (VNC) apps and Remote Desktop Client apps are must-haves for any business. They improve efficiency, enhance productivity and cut costs dramatically. Isn’t this what every business wants to benefit from? Let’s look at ... View apps Viber LINE Tango Kik Best messaging apps for PC There is no need to spend your hard earned cash on mobile text messaging and phone calls anymore. This was once the most efficient method of communication, but now apps have truly taken over. View apps Feedly Netvibes Rssowl NewsBlur Best Google Reader Alternatives Which reader app will you switch to once Google Reader will have been shutdown? Here are 4 Google Reader alternatives to discover by July 1rst 2013. View apps League of Legends The Lord of the Rings online StarCraft II World of WarCraft Best Multiplayer Games of 2013 for PC Here are 6 multiplayer games for PC that you have played by 2013. Some of these game require to create or purchase an account on the developer's website, but all of them are really worth checking out! View apps BlueStacks Samsung Kies AirDroid WindowsAndroid Android Apps on PC Did you know you access your Android apps and files directly from your PC and even run Android Apps on Windows without a smartphone at hand? We have million of reasons to prefer the keyboard, screen, hardware and bandwidth of our computer. So here... View apps Spotify Grooveshark Grooveshark Desktop Soundcloud Best Music Apps for PC When it comes to music services, PC users have plenty of choices View apps All My Movies VLC media player XBMC Best Movie Apps for PC If you're a film junkie, this list of apps to watch movie online and manage your video collection will be of great interest. View apps