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IcoFX icon


10,640 imaging
The Professional Icon Editor IcoFX is an all-in-one solution for icon creation, extr…
Folder Icon Changer icon

Folder Icon Changer

1,329 imaging
Folder Icon Changer helps you change the icon of drives and folders Folder Icon Chan…
GraphicsGale  icon


759 imaging
Powerful tool for spriting and pixel art. You can edit a Windows(R) icon file. Besi…
IconEdit2 icon


665 imaging
Create and edit icon files. Create and edit icon files with easy-to-use TrueColor Ic…
Icon Dynamite icon

Icon Dynamite

501 imaging
Make your desktop come to life with animated shortcuts. You can use animated (.gif'…
Resource Hacker icon

Resource Hacker

496 imaging
Utility to view and modify Windows executable resources Resource Hacker is a freewar…
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro icon

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

445 imaging
GFIE Pro is a powerful icon, cursor, animation and icon library editor. Layer suppo…
IconsExtract icon


378 imaging
EXE/DLL/OCX/CPL icon grabber/extractor The IconsExtract utility scans the files and…
Adsen FavIcon icon

Adsen FavIcon

217 imaging
Create fav icons with this favicon editor. Adsen FavIcon is a simple favicon editor …
Icon Viewer icon

Icon Viewer

208 imaging
Free program to view icons Icon Viewer is a free program to view icons. You can view…
Genfavicon icon


307 imaging
Favicon generator A favicon (short for 'favorites icon'), are litle icons associated…
Extra Folder Icons icon

Extra Folder Icons

113 imaging
45 top-quality extra folder icons for Windows Windows comes with a great number of s…
Junior Icon Editor icon

Junior Icon Editor

70 imaging
Easy icon creation software Free icon editor from SibCode is an easy to use icon mak…
Icons from File icon

Icons from File

59 imaging
Extract icons stored in any kind of files Icons from File is a free tool for extract…
Folder Marker Home  icon

Folder Marker Home

59 imaging
#1 folder color and icon changer on Internet Folder Marker Home is a powerful helper…
IconXpert icon


44 imaging
Search for icons in DLL This is a tool for software developers and webdesigners, tha…
Thumbico icon


35 imaging
Easily view file icons and thumbnails. Just drag and drop any file on Thumbico Thumb…
FileMarker.NET Free icon

FileMarker.NET Free

27 imaging
An easy-to-use Windows file icon changer FileMarker.NET is a compact, intuitive and …
Iconion Beta icon

Iconion Beta

21 imaging
awesome icon creator Iconion allows you to convert any icon font into fantastic-look…
Iconza icon


147 imaging
Iconza the project, conceived with the ultimate purpose of satisfying the growing d…
Iconizer icon


305 imaging
Free icons generator In the search box type in a keyword for which you would like to…
FileMarker.NET Pro icon

FileMarker.NET Pro

15 imaging
An easy-to-use Windows file icon changer FileMarker.NET is a compact, intuitive and …