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Unity Web Player icon

Unity Web Player

1,498,007 web
Web Player for the Unity game development platform. The Unity Web Player enables you…
Steam icon


665,038 games
The Ultimate Entertainment Platform Get an instant access to huge choice of games. S…
Origin icon


218,895 games
Live Streaming Demos and Free-To-Play Games Origin brings an entire universe of gami…
Razer Game Booster icon

Razer Game Booster

102,354 games
Razer Game booster enhances the state of your system by getting the most out of you…
Xfire icon


97,531 games
Multiple gaming tools into one powerful tool Xfire is a free application that combin…
Fraps icon


69,249 games
Performs video capture and benchmark your fps Fraps is a universal Windows applicati…
Uplay PC icon

Uplay PC

29,036 games
All your Ubisoft PC games and Uplay services in 1 place Uplay PC client brings all y…
WinDS PRO icon


24,273 games
Nintendo or Game Boy Emulator If you like to try a Nintendo DS or Game Boy (Advance)…
Desura icon


21,471 games
digital distribution service for gamers Desura is a community driven digital distrib…
Mumble icon


19,805 communication
high quality voice chat software Mumble is a free, open-source, cross-platform voice…
Garena Client icon

Garena Client

18,159 games
Get the new Garena Client to chat, meet and play with your friends. The new generat…
Raidcall icon


17,698 games
Voice communcation tool for gamers Raidcall is a free, low-latency voice solution fo…
GameStop icon


13,634 games
Your favorite games, at your fingertips. * Download your favorite games instantly * …
Sims 2 RoboFileMaid 3000 icon

Sims 2 RoboFileMaid 3000

11,800 games
sims 2 game utilities Simple! Just drag all of your .Package, .RAR, .ZIP, .SIM2SKIN …
GameFly icon


8,396 games
Buy and download the latest PC games at the new GameFly Digital site. The GameFly Cl…
JumpCraft icon


5,591 games
The easiest way to create a game JumpCraft is an easy-to-use 2D game creator that re…
ScummVM icon


2,838 games
Script creation utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual ScummVM is a program which allows…
GameSave Manager icon

GameSave Manager

2,018 games
Backup your PC gamesaves to other machines With GameSave Manager, you can easily bac…
Game-Cloner icon


1,235 games
Makes various game copy Game-Cloner 2 is the smart game copy software to copy PS3 ga…
Evolve Client icon

Evolve Client

1,092 games
Evolve Client - An evolution in Desktop Gaming Experience an evolution in desktop ga…
XBConnect icon


936 games
Online gaming for the Xbox, 360 and PSP XBConnect is software that runs on your PC a…
emuFiles PCSX2 icon

emuFiles PCSX2

821 games
Sony PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows PCSX2 is a Sony PlayStation 2 emulator for W…
emuFiles Dolphin icon

emuFiles Dolphin

754 games
Nintendo GameCube / Nintendo Wii emulator DDolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (…
DeSmuME icon


705 games
Free Nintendo DS Emulator DeSmuME is software that allows you to emulate a Nintendo …
JoyToKey icon


682 games
Play web games with your favorite joystick JoyToKey enables you to control most soft…
Starcraft Replay Manager icon

Starcraft Replay Manager

614 games
Easily upload and share your Starcraft replays to http://sc-replay.com. The applica…
DOSBox icon


343 games
DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to …
Gameston icon


295 games
Backup games application Gameston is a software which made to help you with your PC …
PlayFree Browser icon

PlayFree Browser

255 Browsers
Web browser with free casual games inside PlayFree Browser offers a unique opportuni…
emuFiles Kega Fusion icon

emuFiles Kega Fusion

206 games
Emulator for SEGA consoles Kega Fusion (also known simply as Fusion) is a Sega Mega …
OverWolf icon


186 games
Adds your favorite apps into your games Overwolf is a software client which brings y…
JogoBox icon


178 games
Play more than 2.000 games for free with JogoBox! Choose from a selection of thousan…
PesLauncher icon


161 games
PesLauncher is software that allows online multiplayer games of Pro Evolution Socce…
Yabause icon


59 games
Sega Saturn emulator Yabause is a Sega Saturn emulator under GNU GPL. It currently r…
Visual Dice Roller icon

Visual Dice Roller

19 games
Visually rolls a dice with words, phrases, numbers or names Visual Dice Roller visua…
RomStation icon


7 games
Relive the golden age of video games RomStation is a simple and intuitive interface …
Wasted on Steam icon

Wasted on Steam

313 games
Calculate your hours played on Steam Thirty-eight thousand, three hundred and thirty…
Cheat Engine icon

Cheat Engine

0 games
Find your Windows single player games too hard or too easy and like to change that?
Minecraft Server icon

Minecraft Server

0 games
Minecraft servers allow players to play online or via a local area network with oth…
Project64 icon


0 games
Nintendo 64 simulator Project64 can play Nintendo 64 games on a computer reading ROM…