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Guitar and Bass icon

Guitar and Bass

5,298 Entertainment
Fretted instrument software Guitar and bass is a FREE Windows software for fretted i…
GuitarVision Player icon

GuitarVision Player

3,023 Entertainment
The easiest way to learn your favorite guitar songs. GuitarVision Player software us…
Lingoversity icon


1,166 Entertainment
Learn languages with your vocabulary trainer Lingoversity is specifically designed t…
Little Piano icon

Little Piano

578 Entertainment
Convert your PC into a Piano ! With Little Piano you'll be making music in no time. …
120PianoChords icon


274 Entertainment
Play the piano chords right away This app contains over 120 chords. These are all th…
LanguageTutor ENFR icon

LanguageTutor ENFR

222 Entertainment
Dual-language applications with English-French From moreVocabulary, LanguageTutor EN…
LaMP icon


206 Entertainment
Learn a language fast with movies and YouTube clips with subtitles. Lingual Media Pl…
EasyWords icon


135 Entertainment
Free and lightweight language learning software. You can learn new words while doin…
Parental Control icon

Parental Control

107 education
Monitor and restrict child"s computer usage Any parents wants to know as their child…
LanguageTutor ENSP icon

LanguageTutor ENSP

105 utilities
Dual-language applications with English-Spanish From moreVocabulary, LanguageTutor …
Tabster icon


76 Entertainment
A guitar tab manager Tabster is a guitar tab manager that stores tabs in a library f…
YouVersion icon


5,326 Entertainment
Modern bible Since its start in 1996, LifeChurch.tv's purpose has been to lead peopl…
Edmodo icon


2,011 Entertainment
Social learning network for teachers and students Edmodo is a social learning networ…
FullRecall icon


31 Entertainment
Fullrecall - a flashcard-like program that uses neural network to schedule optimal …
Kurso de Esperanto icon

Kurso de Esperanto

14 Entertainment
Kurso de Esperanto is a multimedia computer program for teaching yourself Esperanto…
UniShared icon


18 Entertainment
UniShared - The next generation of online learning Everyone can now learn collaborat…
Frantastique icon


2,809 Entertainment
Online French Lessons Learn French daily with an e-mail, a story, and a personalized…