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Google Chrome icon

Google Chrome

6,434,849 Browsers
Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure web browser, built for the modern web. Google C…
Opera icon


777,382 Browsers
Surf the Web at lightning speed Surf the Web at lightning speed. Protect yourself ag…
Safari icon


706,989 Browsers
Safari is a browser unlike any you’ve ever seen Safari is designed to emphasize th…
Firefox Aurora icon

Firefox Aurora

205,389 Browsers
Future of Firefox Welcome to the FUTURE OF FIREFOX. With Aurora get a first look …
Maxthon Cloud Browser icon

Maxthon Cloud Browser

72,201 Browsers
Maxthon’s Cloud Browser Sets You Free Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows uses a uni…
Avant Browser icon

Avant Browser

67,582 Browsers
ultra-fast web browser Avant Browser is an ultra-fast web browser. Its user-friendly…
Internet Explorer 10 icon

Internet Explorer 10

33,762 Browsers
IE10 - the fast, fluid, easy-to-use browser for Windows 7 The Metro style IE10 provi…
Internet Explorer 9 icon

Internet Explorer 9

29,263 Browsers
Experience the web faster with Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer 9 is now faster…
CoolNovo icon


24,229 Browsers
Keep you safer and more secure on the web CoolNovo has all the functionalities that …
SeaMonkey icon


16,944 Browsers
All-in-one internet application suite The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to…
Dolphin3D Web Browser icon

Dolphin3D Web Browser

16,116 Browsers
Dolphin3D is a full-featured Internet Explorer-compatible tabbed web browser. Dolph…
SlimBrowser icon


12,941 Browsers
Best web browser for Windows in terms of time savings. SlimBrowser is a fast and sec…
Yandex icon


11,705 Browsers
Secure and anonymous browser Download Yandex.Browser is a simple and easy-to-use in…
Pale Moon Project icon

Pale Moon Project

10,439 Browsers
Optimized Firefox-based browsers for Windows Why settle for a basic build of your Fi…
SRWare Iron icon

SRWare Iron

10,044 Browsers
The browser of the future SRWare Iron: The browser of the future - based on the free…
CometBird icon


7,454 Browsers
CometBird - Keep Your Bookmarks With You CometBird is a powerful and fast web browse…
Comodo IceDragon icon

Comodo IceDragon

6,352 Browsers
IceDragon: A faster, more secure version of Firefox Comodo IceDragon is a fast and v…
Wyzo Media Browser icon

Wyzo Media Browser

6,245 Browsers
New browser that focuses on optimizing your online media experience Wyzo is an aweso…
Torch Browser icon

Torch Browser

6,142 Browsers
Light up the web with Torch Browser Torch is the ultimate all in one web browser - c…
Lunascape Orion icon

Lunascape Orion

5,753 Browsers
Free web browser to take full advantage of the web environment Lunascape ORION is a …
Arora icon


5,433 Browsers
Arora is a lightweight cross-platform web browser. It's free (as in free speech and…
Multiple-IE icon


4,586 Browsers
Install multiple versions of IE Microsoft browser installations only allows you to …
Tor Browser Bundle icon

Tor Browser Bundle

4,206 security
Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis Tor is free softwa…
Crazy Browser icon

Crazy Browser

3,517 Browsers
Make surfing the web more comfortable and less confusing Crazy Browser is a powerful…
K-Meleon icon


2,881 Browsers
K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser based on the G…
QtWeb icon


2,654 Browsers
QtWeb is a lightweight & secure Internet Browser QtWeb Internet Browser - lightwei…
GreenBrowser icon


2,412 Browsers
Very fast and light browser GreenBrowser is your best choice of flexible and powerfu…
Weblock For Kids icon

Weblock For Kids

2,202 Browsers
Kid's protection on Internet Weblock for Kids is a browser who protect your children…
TweakIE9 icon


2,081 Browsers
TweakIE9 is a freeware software tool created by ITknowledge24.com Community. TweakI…
WCS Touch Browser icon

WCS Touch Browser

1,843 Browsers
WCS Touch Browser is a web browser designed for touch screen PCs but can be used on…
Risingware Browser icon

Risingware Browser

1,749 Browsers
Risingware Browser speeds up your browsing Risingware Brower, a multi-process web br…
Opera Next icon

Opera Next

1,504 Browsers
Discover the latest Opera web browser Opera Next contains features under development…
SlimBoat icon


1,500 Browsers
Super-fast, powerful and lightweight web browser SlimBoat is a free web browser that…
Advanced Browser icon

Advanced Browser

1,384 Browsers
Advanced Browser is a fast, stable, and user-friendly multiwindow (tabbed) browser.…
Light icon


1,355 Browsers
Very light and fast browser Light is a light Firefox edition. Many components are sl…
PirateBrowser icon


795 Browsers
No more Censorship! PirateBrowser is a bundle package of the Tor client (Vidalia), F…
Browser Cleaner icon

Browser Cleaner

720 Browsers
Delete all traces of your online and offline activity. Browser Cleaner is a handy ut…
360 Browser icon

360 Browser

427 Browsers
Fast and secure web browser. Fast, secure, and intuitive, 360 Browser introduces an …
PlayFree Browser icon

PlayFree Browser

255 Browsers
Web browser with free casual games inside PlayFree Browser offers a unique opportuni…
Epic Privacy Browser icon

Epic Privacy Browser

183 Browsers
Fast web browser that protects your privacy Epic is dedicated to protect your privac…