MaryFi – Turn your computer into a Wifi Hotspot

If you want to share your Internet access (wired or 3G) with other wireless devices such as tablet or phone, why not turn your computer into a Hotspot?

Good idea! But how?

Well, there is a Freeware for Windows 7 called MaryFi, by simply clicking on it you can wirelessly share any Internet connection available through your Wi-fi network card.

Perfect for when you’re traveling and you only have a 3G connection via a USB drive connected to your computer. Or when you’re at work, and you want to connect your phone and the only internet access available is an Ethernet one with a cable network.

MaryFi lets you use a WPA2 Encryption on your wireless connection as any other Wi-Fi access point to prevent hacking. But you can also open access to your Wi-Fi to all your friends (without the key) if you want.

For MaryFi to work properly, you need to install Microsoft virtual Wi-Fi miniport adapter first and then everything should be working fine! And of course, MaryFi is available on Allmyapps!

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