Total PC Audit – Dive into all your computer secrets

September 7th, 2011 by Korben Leave a reply »

You never tried to assemble yourself your computer, and you have absolutely no idea what’s inside? What type of graphics card, hard disk, your CPU make and model, etc.

Not very handy when you need a driver or the serial number of your motherboard. Yet, there is an app called Total PC Audit, which provides a very detailed view of all the different parts in your computer. Serial number, model, version of drivers… all the details are there.

You can also find out all the system details such as the manufacturer, Windows serial number, the serial number and BIOS version (handy before going full steam ahead), the RAM or even the service pack on your system.

But Total PC doesn’t stop there! You can also display all the Software available on your PC, their serial number, date of their installation, as well as their location on the hard drive. It can locate a particular Software that is not uninstalling properly and allows to do a manual removal instead.

Total PC Audit is also able to list all the processes (running programs on your computer) and help you  kill them. Perfect for finding an unwelcome process that is using all your RAM. With Total PC Audit, you know exactly what is happening on your computer and killing it is only a right click away.

The export option is very handy for someone who wants to send his details to a friend – for example a friend who is an expert at repairing computers ;)

A slight flaw with this app is the ‘ Fix PC errors’ that looks like a toolbar option but is in fact a link to the editor’s Website.

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