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Color Oracle – See like a color blind

TweetAre you color blind like 8% of all men? If not, do you have any idea how you would see your screen? Color Oracle knows: This little nice little app changes the colors of your entire screen and shows you how a color blind person would see it. It even gives you 3 options for […]

Screamer Radio – Listen to and download over 4000 stations

TweetIf you like listening to radio, you are going to love Screamer Radio! This compact application lets you retrieve a list of over 4000 Internet radio stations, listed by country, type or language. The choice is then yours and the list is always automatically updated.

GumNotes – Stick notes on any document

TweetNote: This is the first of regular posts bringing you Another Marvelous App (“AMA”) we stumbled upon. GumNotes is a note manager with a brilliant difference. Rather than sticking notes on your desktop, GumNotes can stick your notes directly to your document. It means that you can add notes to: websites in Firefox, Internet-Explorer and other […]

Firefox 4 officially launched

TweetJust a week after the launch of Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla also released the brand new version of its navigator: Firefox 4. And, as usual, it’s immediately available on Allmyapps in one click. Try it and less us know what you think about its new interface, additional developer tools and other goodness…

Jottiq – 18 antivirus in 1

TweetJottiq is an antivirus unlike others that lets you scan your files directly from 18 online antivirus such as Kaspersky, Avast, NOD32, Panda Antivir, Bitdefender etc., by right clicking on it in Windows.

TopWinPrio – To manage the launch priority of your software

TweetTopWinPrio is a small application that will make the use of your computer a lot more comfortable. Actually, what this software does is instantly change the priority for the execution of the applications you use on your machine. So, for instance, if you’re running an antivirus program, a Word file and your web browser, these […]

Internet Explorer 9 officially released

TweetYesterday night Microsoft launched the version 9 of its browser, Internet Explorer. And, of course, it’s already available on Allmyapps. This new version brings more performance, a cleaner interface and a better security. It’s also supposed to be more compliant with the web standards, for which the previous version have been criticized.

We are on the Tekzilla Daily!

TweetAwesome surprise today! Veronica Belmont featured us on her show, Tekzilla Daily. As big fans, this means a lot. Big up to the Revision3 team.

Customize your login screen with Logon Workshop

TweetIf you share computer with your folks at home, you’re probably familiar with this screen that shows the users’ avatars and that allows every user to log on to Windows and to load their personal settings and software. But did you also know that there is a possibility to customize this screen? Rather than using […]

Eraser – Safely erase all your data

TweetNow you look me straight in the eyes! Oh boy, I can tell you’re like just about everybody: You got things to hide, I know you do! And that’s precisely why today, I suggest you install Eraser. It’s just a little software, but it allows you to securely delete any file. As a matter of […]